Whether you would like to set up a Soil or Hydroponic ganja garden or whatever service we offer,  Ganja Gardens can guide you. If you would like to keep it simple and begin to grow in soil, we will assess your property’s potential via a small feasibility study.
 We also do consultations with general landscaping, organic food gardening, dirty electricity and low energy  detection, clean sustainable energy systems, clean water set-ups and general dwelling sustainability and autonomous living in a clean toxin free living environment. (See our Services section)
Consulting service is $60 per hour plus $0.50 per mile travel time.
For the low or no income People, our cost-friendly sliding scale prices take into consideration your ability to compensate, including via bartering, the wellbeing challenges at hand and the general constellation of circumstances that surrounds each ganja garden happening.
For all inquiries, contact us via this link.
Or leave us a message on this phone. 206 446 6079 Thank you.