The Federal Government’s science fraud

There are many pieces of evidence that proves that those who control the legality of cannabis are either fraudulent, corrupt, incompetent, insane or inane. Or all of the above.
To corroborate this piece of allegation, in a 2015 federal legal document, it is shown that one of the reasons that cannabis should remain in the Schedule 1 category of the Controled Substance Act (1) ,  is because our primate cousin the monkey willingly chooses cannabis as a feel good substance. (2)  The DEA agents construed this characterizing as an “addiction” and concluded, inter alia, that addiction, for the DEA agents, proves that cannabis is not only dangerous for human consumption, but remains devoid of medical benefits, hence the public policy of keeping this plant in the Schedule 1 jail.
(1). On dangerous substances with no known medical benefits.
(2).  The FDA cited a study conducted in 2000 on squirrel monkeys that were trained to self-administer THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in weed. Researchers found that the monkeys liked to get high, and the FDA said such studies are “often useful in predicting rewarding effects in humans, and is indicative of abuse liability.”